Monday, April 28, 2008

Just Thinkin'

After a day fighting desert winds, we arrived safely at our campground in Springdale, Utah. While we’re far from experts at evaluating RV parks, this one definitely has a lot going for it. And, the view tops the list. We arrived near sunset and captured the last light on part of the canyon from our doorstep. It’s stunning.

As we settled in at this picturesque spot, we took it all in: 360 degree canyon views, sounds of the nearby Virgin River, water, electricity, cable and internet access. We have it all for just $30 a day.

P is never far from his trusty calculator. He ran the numbers and quickly determined that we could stay here for a year for almost exactly the amount we are currently paying in property taxes.

Now, that’s something to think about.


Sanya said...

oh never stops planning

DJR said...

P & M, your CA property taxes are too high! I suggest you return to KS immediately and enjoy the economic benefits.