Thursday, April 24, 2008

Careful Packing

Our first stop "on the road" was home. Many of you have been to our house. Just imagine a 26-foot RV parked in front waiting to be loaded.

O.K. Stop laughing.

Packing this road beast was a bit of a challenge. We were super organized, which helped alot. But, we quickly realized that special attention must be paid to breakables and valuables on the road. And that's what bubble wrap is for.

We bubble wrapped just about everything...the TV (yes, we brought a TV), the breakables (yes, we brought breakables), and the martini makings. See above. (The vermouth is there, too...under several layers of the bubbly stuff.)

Thankfully, we had more than enough bubble wrap and eventually everything fit. And, with that we were truly on the road...with a grand total of 13.9 miles of RV driving experience behind us.

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