Friday, April 25, 2008

Many Miles...And Some Serious Coin

Today was our "big" more ways than one.

We traveled the most miles planned for any day on the trip: 525.
(Note: When you're driving a house on wheels, that's too many!)

The co-pilot made her maiden voyage today. "Sure," she says. "Give me a desert highway with wide shoulders and this thing is a piece of cake."

And, we spent more bucks on gas today than the number of miles we covered.

O.K. That's not entirely true.
That was M's guess. P just added it up: $333.

And was the $3.95 a gallon you see here the highest price we paid?


The in-no-way quaint desert town of Needles is serving as "The Gateway to Laughlin, NV" this weekend -- welcoming 75,000 Harley riders to top of their teeny weeny tanks before heading to the annual "River Run" in Laughlin.

The per gallon cost to top off your tank in Needles: $4.29.

Now, that's some serious coin.

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