Monday, April 28, 2008


When we checked out the RV, our attendant recommended we take a little detour and visit Sunset Crater and Wupatki National Monuments. On the map, it looks like a little 35-mile loop off the beaten path. On the road, it’s a 2-hour history lesson with panoramic vistas.

Sunset Crater was created by a volcano that erupted almost 950 years ago. It made a big mess that’s still something to see.

Wupatki is a 56 square-mile salute to survival. In a place where water is scarce, next to nothing will grow, and volcanoes erupt from time to time, it was home to some 2,000 Hopi people at the turn of the 12th century. The ruins of several pueblos can be seen on the land today. Wupatki Pueblo was the largest building for at least 50 miles. With 100 rooms, a community room, a ceremonial ballcourt and a blowhole, this was definitely the place to be.

It, too, is still something to see.

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