Monday, April 28, 2008

Weather Dog

At home, we give just half a listen to the local weather forecast. We have two good reasons. First, the weather doesn’t really change all that much. Second, we live in a good sturdy house that protects us from whatever weather does come our way.

When you’re in a house on wheels, weather is something we’re learning to pay close attention to. And, it’s not the temperature or the UV index that’s most important.

It’s the wind.

Before heading out of Williams, we tuned into the Weather Channel and learned that the area of Arizona we’d be driving through during the day was covered with a dark blue blob, which meant winds up to 30 mph. Joy. Joy!

While the Weather Channel was helpful, the true sign of things to come was the little pup at the campsite next door. This little Toto look-alike braced against the breeze and looked like it could’ve been picked up anytime.

Turns out all the forecasters were right. Sunday turned out to be a two-hands-on-the-wheel kind of day.

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