Saturday, May 3, 2008

Don't Cry in the Desert

It's the last night on our maiden voyage. We're resting comfortably in the southern Sierra mountains resting up for our last day on the road.

Today's drive across the desert was warm, dry, a bit windy and featured a lot of sand. With a straight highway and wide shoulders, M was at the wheel as we stopped to gas up in Barstow -- one of the featured cities in that classic hit "Route 66".

Now, M doesn't mind driving the RV on straight highways with wide shoulders. Wandering around on Route 66 trying to find a gas station when you're at about 1/4 tank is a bit more stressful. Pulling into a gas station with an overhang and lots of pumps to make your 26-foot way clear of is even more stressful. Accidently hitting the "lock" button on the driver's door as you're hopping out of a truck you're not used to driving is enough to send you over the edge.

That's right. The keys were inside.

P went to work finding a locksmith. M did what any stressed out RV co-pilot would do: I cried.

Less than 30 minutes later a very friendly and talented locksmith arrived with his magical tools. In less than 3 minutes the work was done and we were gassed up and on our way.

Today's lessons:
(1) Always take your keys when you exit a vehicle
(2) Don't cry in the desert. It chaps your cheeks.

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DJR said...

M, sorry the locked key incident caused you to cry, but I hope you and P were AAA members...locksmithing is free then! Take it from experience!