Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dust in the Wind

Yesterday’s posts were postponed due to wind.

We spent much of the day hiking around the park, and while it was a bit breezy it wasn’t bad. In fact, as we were coming off the Watchman Trail to head back to camp, we were greeted by a couple just heading up who inquired about the wind.

“Not bad at all,” we said. “There’s no concern about losing your footing.”

Off they went and so did we. Back at camp the breeze turned to something close to a gale force gusts. And, you know what happens when strong winds blow through a dusty campground? (See above.)

It’s not pretty.

We battened down the hatches and spent the late afternoon and most of the early evening in the comfort of our cozy RV. We have to walk to front desk to get internet access. So, we refrained from posting anything here. We just kept thinking about that hiking couple we met and imagining them hanging on to some tree for dear life on the Watchman Trail.

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