Friday, May 2, 2008

Our Economic View

New economic numbers were published this week. We’ve paid just enough attention to the news to know it’s not all that bad.

We could’ve told you that.

With the price of gasoline at an all time high, we’re sitting in a fairly full campground on a Thursday night a month or so before the busy season gets underway. These people are spending money. And, that’s good.

True, they may be foregoing other expenses to afford to fill the tank. Or, they may be renting an RV instead of flying somewhere. (Though we are convinced while RVing is much more pleasant, flying is cheaper.) Nonetheless, they are camped in a beautiful spot in southwestern Utah with a trip to at least one National Park on their agenda.

Hiking inside a couple of National Parks in the last week or so, we’ve exchanged greetings with people from many countries. We’ve also come across some rather interesting hiking art. (See above.) On one trail, where just about everyone said “hello” along the way, we heard more people with foreign accents than not.

True, not every Zion hiker with a foreign accent is a visiting from outside our country. But, many are. Thanks to our falling dollar, it looks like hikers from many parts of the world are coming to the US. These people are spending money, too. And, that’s also good.

In fact, it’s not bad at all.

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